Falconian aims for the Paris Olympics

Philip Longden in action

Phil Coates Palgrave, (Tredgold 1986) is the stepson of Pip Longden (Oates 1962), an amputee, a paralympian archer and he needs our support to achieve his dream of participating in the Paris Paralympics 2024. I was shocked to learn how much a prosthetic leg costs him – and they don’t last forever – but in addition South African paralympians are mostly self-funded.


I am a Falconian, ex Tredgold from 1983 – 1986. At Falcon I was known as Phil Longden.

I lost my leg in a hippo attack on the Zambezi River, while working as a guide for a safari company when I was 24 years old.

I took up Archery in December 2016 and qualified for the Tokyo Paralympics. Family and friends have been a wonderful support in all ways and especially financially, however it is becoming uncomfortable to constantly have to rely on them for help. I received no compensation from my employer at the time of the hippo attack. Paralympians, unlike the Olympic team, largely need to fund themselves. Being a Para Athlete is expensive!

At the Paralympics in Tokyo 2020, I managed to achieved 17th position.

To qualify for the Paris Paralympics next year, I need to participate in the Czech Republic Para World Champs in July 2023. The Czech Republic Para Champs is my only shot at qualifying for the Paris Paralympics. I intend going to Czechia and giving it all I’ve got. Paris is my ultimate goal – Czechia is the springboard.

Archery is a most amazing sport. I love it. Not only has it brought me physical fitness and the ability to excel at a sport, but it has also brought mental awareness and focus that has helped brighten up many other areas of my life. Probably the greatest thing, is how wonderful it is to be an inspiration to those around me and those who cross my path through social media etc.

COVID reduced my income by a third, putting enormous pressure on where the budget goes. I know that the path I am walking is the one I am meant to be on, I trust the direction it is going and that it is placing me where I can be the best possible version of myself and therefore the best inspiration to those around me.

Thank you for this opportunity to present my sporting career for consideration as a potential cause worth supporting. The link to my funding page is:

Yours truly

Phil Coates Palgrave (Philip Glen Longden) – Falcon College, Tredgold 1983 – 1986

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