Quiet Waters Timeline


  • Quiet Waters Farm acquired by Falcon College


  • October: Inaugural Quiet Waters committee meeting


  • April: Four picnic sites constructed
  • June: Improvement of existing roads
  • August: Upgrading of existing dam and weirs
  • December: Seven kilometre long game fence completed


  • March: Tree numbering along roads trails, and around picnic sites
  • April / May: Printing of a tree field card; Building of a translocation and holding boma; Introduction of Zebra and Impala
  • June: First game pan built
  • October: Construction of Blair toilets and water tanks at picnic sites
  • November: Introduction of Kudu and more Impala


  • January: Publication of the first Quiet Waters booklet
  • February: Electrification of game fence; Introduction of more Zebra
  • March: Completion of Old Boys’ Study Centre
  • May: Introduction of more Impala
  • June: Introduction of Bream and Bass to dams and weirs
  • August: Winning of Mike Drury Award for Conservation; Fund Raising Casino held in Bulawayo
  • October: Construction of entrance hut
  • November: Official Opening of Quiet Waters by the President of Zimbabwe


  • January: Cattle Club started
  • May: Initial development of the campsite; Introduction of Tsessebe and Reedbuck
  • August: Construction of game grid at entrance gate
  • September: Completion of pipeline to Hamerkop Dam; Construction of second game pan
  • October: Acquisition of the first Tuli cattle
  • November: Opening of the Ian Homann Bird Hide


  • February: Construction of game pan in Wilderness Area
  • March: Introduction of Warthog
  • April: Acquisition of more cattle
  • June: Cattle dip complex refurbished; Introduction of more Tsessebe; Three watercolours of Quiet Waters donated by Chrystal Wynne
  • October: Introduction of more Zebra; Tree field card updated and printed
  • November: Second Edition of Quiet Waters booklet


  • April: The sinking of the Mbonisa Vlei borehole; Oil painting of Quiet Waters donated by Chrystal Wynne; 20 head of cattle sold
  • July: Introduction of two female giraffe
  • November: Header tanks constructed at the campsite


  • March: Second game pan constructed in the Wilderness Area
  • May: Birth of a giraffe
  • June: Sale of 36 head of cattle
  • September: 30,000-litre reservoir constructed on Umvumila Hill; Capture and sale of 11 Zebra


  • February: Purchase of a pedigree Tuli bull
  • June: Piped water established at all picnic sites; Open air thatched rondavels constructed at all picnic sites
  • August: Introduction of 5 more Tsessebe
  • September: Construction of cattle/game trough at cattle pens
  • October: Quiet Waters Tree field card reprinted


  • February: 7 head of cattle sold
  • March: Completion of 3 A-framed chalets at campsite
  • July: 3 ablution units constructed at the campsite; Third game pan built in the Wilderness Area; Sale of 2 purebred, Quiet Waters Tuli bulls


  • January: Open-air rondavel and boma constructed at campsite
  • February: Introduction of Form 1 Adventure Course
  • May: First hot-water boiler constructed at the campsite
  • August: Second hot-water boiler constructed
  • October: Introduction of Form 2 Adventure Course; Production of Quiet Waters Christmas cards


  • March: 12 head of cattle sold
  • August: Commercial hunt involving a Canadian hunter
  • October: Rodent survey – members of Junior Natural History Society (See Mammals check list)
  • November: Veld and erosion reclamation exercise – members of Senior Natural History Society; 5 kilometres of the Wilderness game fence completed


  • March: Game fencing of the Wilderness area completed; 6 Tuli bulls and 2 steers sold
  • June: Solar panel and electric lights fitted in the campsite
  • October: 6 Zebra, 4 Giraffe and 5 Eland introduced – donated by Charles and Bev Davy
  • November: Veld and erosion exercise by Duncan Middleton (Senior Natural History) completed; Gordon Macdonald interviewed by Maggie Kriel on her radio show; Topic – developments at Quiet Waters; Quiet Waters shirts and hats first on sale


  • February: A paper entitled ‘Rehabilitation of significantly eroded areas in Quiet Waters Conservation area, Esigodini’ published by the Geographical Education Magazine
  • March: Second 30,000 litre storage tank on Umvumila Hill started
  • May: The Quiet Waters cattle herd transferred from the park to the Southern Paddocks. 4 fenced paddocks using Quiet Waters material established
  • May to July: Educational visits by 4 schools – Girls’ College (May); Carmel School (June); Portland Primary School (July); and Whitestone (July); Group of scientist from the UK carry out research on methane production using controlled burns on Quiet Waters (July)
  • August: Second water storage tank completed


  • January: 4 Tuli bulls and 4 cows sold
  • February: Construction of Fish Eagle Retreat started
  • March: Construction of Chelicuti chalet at campsite started
  • June: Fish Eagle Retreat completed
  • September: Second borehole sunk, and pump and motor installed (on Philip’s Patch); 3 new game pans constructed
  • October: Official Opening of Fish Eagle Retreat by Dave and Gill Stobart
  • November: Chelicuti chalet completed; Game holding boma refurbished for reception of new game – Giraffe and Eland


  • January to March: Record rainfall and floods
  • June: Production of Quiet Waters video
  • July: Chairman’s trip to USA to attend Environmental Education Conference – paper presented on Quiet Waters; 5 head of cattle sold
  • August: Bird life Zimbabwe (Mashonaland Branch) 4-day visit to Falcon College and Quiet Waters; Extensive repair of cattle pens and dip area
  • September: Bush and tree clearance on Longden’s Dam wall; general wall repairs
  • October: 2 Tuli bulls and 8 head of cattle sold


  • January: 4 Giraffe break through eastern fence and escape to Essexvale Ranch
  • March: 10 head of cattle sold
  • April: Cattle water trough built in southern paddocks
  • May: 6 head of cattle sold
  • July: Quiet Waters the venue for a visit by Falcon Old Boys who had been Members of the Falconry Club
  • November: Game Count by Junior Natural History Society; Hamerkop Hide completed (built with funds received from the Estate of the late Mr Bill and Mrs Gwynn Taylor)


  • November: The Quiet Waters Committee restructured and job descriptions of its members defined; The Policy document for Quiet Waters, first drawn up in 1985, revisited and changes made


  • June: Crockery, cutlery mugs and glasses donated to Quiet Waters by the South African branch of the Falcon Old Boys’ Society
  • July: Security guards employed by Mr Mike Stone start patrols of Quiet Waters and the rest of the College property; Game Count carried out by members of the Junior Natural History Society
  • August: Visit to Quiet Waters by members of the Caravan Club
  • September: Water point introduced at Hamerkop Hide; Introduction of a permanent security guard room at the campsite
  • October: All campsite chalets and picnic site shelters re-thatched; Entrance gate gazebo completed with funds donated by parents. Dedicated to the memory of John Posselt and Orbert Linda


  • February: Fish Eagle Retreat gazebo re-thatched
  • March: Directional sign posts showing visitors the way to the campsite
  • May: All picnic sites named using Ndebele names for trees found in the vicinity of the sites
  • June: All walking trails allocated Ndebele names of mammals found on Quiet Waters
  • July: Umwane picnic site developed in memory of Adam Bryan, son of John and Alice Bryan who died tragically in 2003. An engraved memorial stone erected and an aloe garden developed. A memorial Service took place on 26 July, attended by the whole school; 20 head of cattle sold; Fences improved and repaired in the Southern Paddocks
  • October: Holding and dipping pens built in the Southern Paddocks; Start of the construction of the new Mbonisa Weir by Jimmy Goddard
  • November: Day visit to Quiet Waters by members of the Matabeleland Branch of Wildlife and Environment Zimbabwe, and residents of the MOTH Cottages in Esigodini


  • January: The new Mbonisa Weir completed
  • June: Sale of 79 head of the Quiet Waters cattle herd. The money invested, with interest generated to be utilised for new developments. 15 head retained as a breeding herd; Grazing in Southern paddocks and the Wilderness area of Quiet Waters leased to Mr Mike Stone
  • August: The extension of Quiet Waters and the realignment of the southern fence line started
  • September: The Marais cottage burnt down as result of a veld fire
  • 29th October: Party to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Quiet Waters was held at the Old Boys’ Study Centre
  • November: Visit to Quiet Waters by members of the Matabeleland Branch of Wildlife and Environment Zimbabwe, together with senior citizens from the MOTH cottages in Esigodini


  • February: The southern extension of Quiet Waters completed adding another 30 hectares to the park
  • March: The repair of the holding boma started in preparation for the arrival of more giraffe; Start made on a new 45 page, updated Quiet Waters booklet
  • Friday 12th May: Mbonisa Weir officially opened by the unveiling of a bronze plaque, by Jimmy and Jenny Goddard
  • June: The repairs to the holding boma completed
  • July: The realignment of the game fence on the eastern side begun, which adds another 30 hectares to the Park
  • August: Large-scale upgrading of the campsite started, including beginning the construction of a new ’A’ frame chalet

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