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The Falcon 100 Club has provided a very useful source of financial support!!

Many people ask what and where these funds go; you can rest assured these funds are used after careful consideration between the Falcon Board and the Old Boys’ committee. Falconians have supported the annual subscription for the Times magazine for some years, and more recently have assisted with the purchase of a large walk in refrigeration unit, and more recently the have contributed to the build of the new Falcon gymnasium, and the Staff Medical Clinic.

Here’s the deal:

  • £5 a month by Standing Order
  • You can take as many numbers as you like @ £5 / month
  • Every six months we have a draw and 40% of the funds collected are split equally between three numbers that are drawn.

Of course, the more numbers we have in the pot, the bigger we can make the prizes, so why not take out a 100 Club number now while you think about it? To do so, please complete this Standing Order Form and send it BY POST to Peter Coulson, 146 Boundaries Road, London SW12 8HG, United Kingdom. Those of you who have access to online banking will be able to set this up without filling in the form but by completing a direct debit through your bank, the essential information is on the form – if you do this directly with your bank, please also drop a line to Colin Bewes or Peter Coulson to let us know about it.

If you want to talk to Peter about this, call him on +44 7837 699085. Equally, if your computer does not like the format of the form (Word 97-2000), please send an e-mail to Colin Bewes and we will save it as something different for you.

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