Workers’ Village Project

Workers' Village Project

This project is born of a desire to dramatically improve living conditions for Falcon College workers living in the oldest of the two workers’ villages near the college. We intend to replace this village entirely, and invite Falconians all over the world to contribute to this urgent and truly worthwhile project.

Our aim is to provide its residents with the dignity, safety, and comfort they deserve. Our goal is to build a new Village, to lay down strong foundations for the future, and to ensure that basic facilities and sanitation are made accessible to every resident.

The current workers village 2
The current workers’ Village 2
An aging shower block in Village 2
An aging shower block in Village 2

Your contribution, big or small, can make a world of difference. It is an investment in the future of our community, a gesture of solidarity, and a step towards ensuring that every member of our Falcon College family has a safe and secure place to call home.

Workers' Village Project
Some of the workers who will benefit from the development

To learn more about why this is needed and see what is planned, please view the prospectus and ‘fly-through’ video below, then use the donation buttons to give in your preferred currency.

Donation Links

Our target is US$160,000, to fund a complex of 8 units, each costing US$20,000.

To make a donation towards the Workers’ Village Project, please follow one of the following Donation links below where you can make a credit / debit card payment. All links open in a new window / tab.

100 bricks $50
Roof sheets $50
Electrical fittings for one unit $100
Interior doors $150
Kitchen sink $200
Bathroom fittings for one unit $300
Windows $400
Exterior doors $500
Solar geysers $1500
General construction $ You choose (max.$10k)

Donations made through the “Rest of World” buttons will go to the Falcon College Overseas Trust which is registered with the UK Charities Commission, Charity No 294169. The Trust may be able to claim Gift Aid on donations made by UK Income Tax payers.

Donations through the “USA” buttons will go to Falcon Foundation USA, Inc., a non-profit company which the US Internal Revenue Service designates as a 501 (c) 3 organisation. US Federal taxpayers may be able to claim their donation as a deduction on their Federal Income Tax return if they itemise.

Falcon College Overseas Trust and Falcon Foundation USA, Inc. are both constituents of the Falcon Foundation which is governed by the Falconian Society. All donations ultimately support Falcon College.

If you have questions on:

  • your donation and income tax
  • donations by wire, bank transfer or cheque*

…please contact

* We have banking facilities in Australia, Canada, Europe (euros), New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom, the United States and Zimbabwe.

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