Falcon College Overseas Trust

The Falcon College Overseas Trust (A UK Registered Charity – 294169) is run by the Falconians Society whose main objectives are to act as a forum, meeting at least twice if not three times a year to plan social events for Falconians and to raise money for Falcon College.

In recent years (in the UK) Falconians have had dinners at the House of Commons, the Green Jackets Club, the Carlton Club, plus various garden, pub or house soiree events, a boat party on the Thames, crickets days between Peterhouse, a marine assault course event, a shooting day, parachute jump, golf tournaments and we have hosted a beer tent at ZimFest. Falconians in South Africa are also very active in fund-raising and hold regular gatherings.

Apart from the great opportunities these gatherings offer for meeting up with pals you haven’t seen for ??? years, they are also a means by which you can hear what’s going on back at the College and in Zimbabwe. Equally, as you will see from other pages on this site, our various events and the 100 Club have been a life line in raising cash to buy various items for the College unobtainable or extortionately expensive in Zimbabwe.

As this web site is fairly unique, we are happy to publicise any Falconians events or news anywhere in the world, not just what’s happening in the UK – so if you have something you want us to put up, please get in touch with us via the Contact Us page

An oasis of excellence

How are things at Falcon now ?

The following comments from recent visitors give you some idea

‘Our trip to Falcon was certainly an eye opener. Most important was the exemplary manner in which the boys conducted themselves. Their great manners and confidence, and the fact that they all looked so happy, neat and presentable, was always evident. The whole environment and what is offered to the pupils is outstanding.

Having had the good fortune of visiting a number of private schools in South Africa, I can honestly say that what you have at Falcon College is unique and special, and it would be difficult to find any better calibre school around.

The teachers who are so committed are testament to this wonderful school and you can be extremely proud of what has been achieved.

The strength of the old boys community has clearly had a huge influence on what we saw during our time at Falcon. and we look forward to seeing some Falcon Old Boys playing for the Sharks!’

Gary Teichmann, May 2006

Gary Teichmann is former rugby captain of the Springboks, of the Natal Sharks, and the Welsh club Newport. His record clearly places him right at the top of rugby’s all time great international captains.

‘My first impression of Falcon was of an oasis in a somewhat barren landscape. As I learned more about the College this impression grew. It is indeed an oasis of excellence in a troubled land. I was amazed and inspired by what I observed.

So, what is the Falcon difference? What is unique to this ‘house of learning’?

Probably the most striking aspect of Falcon is respect. This is shown in the manners of all the boys as they greet visitors, in their respect for seniors and for teachers, in their respect for the traditions of the College and for the grounds and buildings (the total absence of litter amazed me). I have visited about 90 schools in the past few years, but Falcon has no equal in terms of old fashioned manners and respect.

Linked with respect is the maturity shown by the seniors, particularly the leaders of the school. I was privileged to discuss a number of issues with these young men, including complexities such as the ‘system’ and ‘seniority’. They carry a lot of responsibility and they have real authority. As a result they learn life lessons that are real and lasting.

The all round (holistic) educational opportunities on offer are also unique. Quiet Waters, the Falconry and Snake Clubs, the splendid variety of sports (and facilities), the clubs and societies, and the leadership opportunities all combine to create an environment where boys can explore, grow and develop their strengths. This is becoming increasingly rare in schools throughout the world.

The Falcon family is another unique feature. The dedication and commitment are inspirational. The professional approach and long hours served by the executive and by most teachers are impressive. So is the spirit of the boys. These qualities are only found in families. Falcon is one of the few that can justify such a claim.

There is so much that is inspirational about this oasis of excellence.

Falcon needs the support of all who love what it gave them and what it represents. The wheel will turn in Zimbabwe as it has turned throughout history. When this beautiful country starts re-building there will be a surge of support for the process. Schools like Falcon are responsible for producing the leaders of that resurgence.

The next five years are crucial to Falcon’s continued existence as a world class school offering a unique educational ‘product’. Schools either go forward or they slide backward. Those who have maintained the standards, upheld the traditions and served the school over the past decade need the support and strength of all who wish Falcon well.’

Ben Brooks, April 2006

Ben Brooks has wide experience as a deputy head in a boys’ boarding school, and for 17 years, as principal in 3 co-educational schools in South Africa. He is now a part time teacher and professional educational consultant, and was actively involved in drafting the Independent Schools’ Association of South Africa instrument of self assessment for schools. This has been adopted by Falcon and Mr Brooks has been retained as consultant to the College. His work has taken him to over 90 schools.

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