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OK, so you’ve seen the summaries, here’s the detail for the true wine buffs out there in the Falcon Old Boy community! Click on any of these links to open the relevant page (they should all open in new windows).


Jeremy Borg - Painted WolfJeremy Borg, Founders 1974-1978, formed The Painted Wolf Wine Company in mid-2007 with his wife Emma, to develop a premium wine brand – PAINTED WOLF.

Jeremy built up experience working with wine companies and brands in USA, UK and in South Africa, and has a keen understanding of both wine production and the market. He set out to develop a company and wine brand with a fresh, different approach.

Jeremy Borg - Painted WolfThe goal was to bring together a “Painted Wolf pack” of talent – in other words, hunting down people with best technical and practical skills to ensure a quality product, as well as finding the right people to put the finance together. So, ultimately, Jeremy’s aim was to produce not just delicious wine, but do it in a fun, rewarding way, plus of course, maintain environmental and social responsibility and all the other policies any half-decent company aspires to these days.  The company mantra – “remarkably persistent, persistently remarkable” – must be something Jeremy learnt at Falcon (surely!!).

Jeremy Borg - Painted WolfPart of Jeremy’s ethos is a plan to enrol support and comment from other people as Painted Wolf evolves with each wine year.  Success in this area will be measured with, he hopes, an extended family pack of Painted Wolf wine lovers and conservation crazy individuals. Ah yes, probably worth mentioning why it’s called Painted Wolf in the first place – basically it’s down to Jeremy and Emma’s passionate support for the conservation of African Wild Dogs, and interest in other conservation. And why not – what could be better than getting into conservation whilst quoiffing a fine wine!  Seriously though, Jeremy and Emma have long associations with some of Southern Africa’s most respected conservation figures, and through these associations hope to develop a high level of interest and credibility – in their wines …and painted wolves.

Well, it’s going well.  Awards to date include

  • A Silver medal at the Swiss International Airlines Wine Awards 2008 for the Painted Wolf Pinotage 2007.
  • A Bronze medal at the Decanter Wine Awards 2009 for the newly released Pinotage 2008 – a wine which also gained a Bronze at the Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show 2009
  • Bronze medals at the Decanter Wine Awards 2009 for the Madach 2008 ( a red blend) and the Lekanyane 2008 (a white blend).

As well as winning awards, let’s not forget the taste too.  Robert Parkers publication, has recently reviewed South African wines selling at under $25 in the US. David Schildknecht of the Advocate reviewed 270 wines with 56 being rated 86 points and above. Only two wines breached the holy grail of 90 + points.

Here is what they said about Painted Wolf:

“Painted Wolf is another new South African project… their 2007 Painted Wolf blend of Shiraz and Pinotage, with small additions of Merlot and Mourvedre really engaged my interest and set me salivating. Pungently smoky, peppery, and herbal overtones and a solid black fruit and raw meat base inform a particularly juicy, clear palate. Fine-grained tannins, sappy cassis finishing fruit, and a saline savory side make this impeccably balanced blend especially easy to enjoy. I have no idea what might be its bottle potential, but doubt it was crafted with aging for more than a couple of years in mind.”

If any FOBs or FOGs are interested in getting some of Jeremy’s wines please drop him a note and he will direct you to your closest source for Painted Wolf.

Jeremy and Emma are also selling additional shares in Painted Wolf Wines, and would welcome Falcon old boys who would like to get involved with a really interesting and alternative wine company, and in turn help build the capacity needed to effectively deliver on the company’s long term aspirations, to develop the Painted Wolf ‘community’ into a great wine company and an effective advocate and supporter of conservation.

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