Famous Falconians

Falcon might not be able to boast the same number of famous alumni as, say, Eton, but then it’s not been around that long and our numbers are somewhat different.

Amongst our alumni are to be found….

  • Glen Bruk-Jackson, cricketer
  • Adam Huckle, cricketer
  • Robert V. Jackson, politician, United Kingdom
  • Gail Kelly, businessperson and banker (ex Staff)
  • Garth Barrett, Lieutenant-Colonel, last CO of C Sqdn, SAS
  • Charlie Knaggs, Colonel, British Army
  • Graham Lord, author, journalist and biographer
  • Trevor Madondo, cricketer
  • Paul Maritz, former Microsoft executive and CEO of VMWare
  • Patrick Mavros, artist and sculptor
  • Greg Rasmussen, naturalist and survivor featured in Jaws of Death
  • Neill Stansbury, working to reduce corruption in construction and infrastructure projects around the world
  • Peter Steyn, naturalist, falconeer and wild-life photographer (ex-Staff)
  • Paul Strang, cricketer
  • Bryan Strang, cricketer
  • Heath Streak, cricketer
  • Andrew Waller, cricketer
  • Andy Whittall, cricketer
  • Guy Whittall, cricketer
  • Craig Wishart, cricketer
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