Head Boys

Just in case you’ve forgotten who the top guy was in your year, here’s a list!  Interesting to see that in 1967 and 1995 George Grey managed to produce a head boy of the same surname and initials, D.S. Middleton!  Also of interest …head boys from 2005 and 2009 are the first brothers to share the top spot.  If anyone can help with some of the missing first names or houses, please get in touch via the Contact Us page.

For those of you who were at Falcon in the 1970s there is at least one significant name in there …our Head Boy of 1963, who became Lieutenant-Colonel Garth Barrett, CO of C Sqdn, SAS.

Year Head Boy Original House (where known)
1954 Shaun Cullen
1955 Geoffrey Wilson
1956 Geoffrey Wilson
1957 Howard Woolford Oates
1958 Roger Lawley Tredgold
1959 Ralph Oxenham Tredgold
1960 Derek Wilson Hervey
1961 P.J. Thomas Oates
1962 Gilbert Cottrell Founders
1963 Garth Barrett Hervey
1964 R.J.L. Bennett Founders
1965 Ian Redman Hervey
1966 Guy Robinson Founders
1967 Stewart Middleton George Grey
1968 Brian Darling Hervey
1969 Michael Good Oates
1970 Anthony Walker Founders
1971 Mark Hodges Founders
1972 Andrew Du Toit Founders
1973 Clive Schwartz Founders
1974 Christopher Tayelor Tredgold
1975 Graeme Fleming Founders
1976 Neill Stansbury Oates
1977 Lester Shenton Founders
1978 Michael Loubser Oates
1979 Ian Rutledge Hervey
1980 Adrian Gibson George Grey
1981 Eric Thomas Founders
1982 Andrew Stobart Hervey
1983 David Curtis Founders
1984 Bruce Campbell Oates
1985 Kevin Butler Founders
1986 Roy Dixon Founders
1987 Mark Saunders Founders
1988 Matthew Stuart Founders
1989 Gary Norvall Chubb
1990 Adam Fletcher Tredgold
1991 Iain Moodie Chubb
1992 Justin Thornycroft Tredgold
1993 Ian Hastings Chubb
1994 Michael Knight Chubb
1995 David Strang Middleton George Grey
1996 Nathan Maertens George Grey
1997 Takunda Bimha Founders
1998 Alexander Lucas de Neufville Hervey
1999 Alan Cumming George Grey
2000 Dane Swemmer Hervey
2001 Tafirei Mangezi Founders
2002 Dylan Williams George Grey
2003 Johan Van Der Riet Chubb
2004 Terence Odendaal George Grey
2005 Paul Trethowan Founders
2006 Grant Simpson Hervey
2007 Daniel Landman Chubb
2008 Conrad Tshuma Chubb
2009 Peter Trethowan Founders
2010 Corey Van Rensburg Tredgold
2011 Robert Sargeant Tredgold
2012 Leroy Sibanda Founders
2013 Greg Fraser Founders
2014 Stephen Bhasera Hervey
2015 Connor Pritchard Hervey
2016 Matthew Conolly Chubb
2017 Matthew Noach Founders
2018 Joshua Allardice George Grey
2019 Liam O’Hara Hervey
2020 Craig Snyder Tredgold
2021 Masimba Kwari Oates
2022 Ngonidzashe Zvenyika Tredgold
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