Falconian Greg’s Painted Dog tour

Greg Rasmussen (H’74), is leading a tour of the USA between 24th April and 4th June 2022. Here below is his post from LinkedIn; the actual dates are in the page he links to (in case they change)

Greg RasmussenI am excited to kick off the Painted Dog Research Trust ’s 2022 U.S. Awareness and Fundraising Tour on Sunday, April 24 at Zoo Miami. I will visit zoos and universities across the U.S. to deliver an update on PDRT’s accomplishments in the last two years and future goals for saving endangered painted dogs. Please join me at one of these events: TOUR DATES

#zoos #universities #conservation #endangered #Africa #wildlife #fundraising #painteddogsPainted Dog Research Trust (PDRT) was founded in the strong belief that good conservation must be underpinned by sound science. Based just outside of Victoria Falls, PDRT is situated in a landscape mosaic of national parks, forestry, private safari area and communal lands. The field-based conservation ecology centre for data driven trans-boundary research serves as the headquarters for PDRT. 

With the Pan-African population of painted dogs declining from 500,000 individuals to less than 5,000, the painted dog is listed by IUCN as endangered. Zimbabwe links the populations of all five neighbouring countries making it a keystone corridor for this species. Continuation of long-term research and monitoring within this corridor is crucial to the continued survival of painted dogs.

To see an overview of the important work of PDRT as told by Executive Director and Founder, Dr. Greg Rasmussen, here’s a 20-minute introductory video. 

View PDRT Overview Video

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